Fourth Annual National Source Tagging Conference Hosted by Dollar General in Goodlettsville, TN on May 9, 2017

Checkpoint will be kicking off a series of global events for retailers, CPG manufacturers and packagers focused on source tagging and related issues. Attendees will learn about best practices regarding source tagging merchandise, including the benefits of visible source tagging.

The fourth-annual National Source Tagging Conference is the first of these upcoming events, and will be hosted by Dollar General in Goodlettsville, TN on May 9, 2017.

Past attendees have noted that these events are important, because retailers that source tag merchandise reduce their labor costs and shrink, while protecting brands and improving their in-store shopper experience. Attendees have represented various vertical markets, from drug/pharmacy, to discount store formats, to supermarkets, to general apparel and specialty accessories.

When it comes to protecting merchandise, research by Checkpoint and others has proven consistently that “visible tagging” is much more effective than “hidden tagging.” This shift from covert to overt protection provides a deterrent effect that reduces shoplifting. Today many packagers plan specific areas where the EAS label is applied without affecting product information and graphics.

In fact, in a recent survey, 71 percent of consumers said they were more likely to notice merchandise with a clear, visible EAS label. Further, 83 percent of them said other consumers would be more likely to steal an unprotected item.

Source tag testing by Checkpoint customers provides very compelling ROI results. For example, one VP of Loss Prevention at a major North American drugstore chain noted that source tagging alone reduced theft of high-risk items by 44 percent. Another noted that “visible tags are a great theft deterrent, and source tagging protects the look and feel of premium packaging better than in-store tagging.” Because of the proven benefits of visual source tagging, another major retailer has determined that its products must have visual ‘Security Protected’ marking or visible circuit as a minimum. One of its LP executives noted that it is better to “deter than to catch.”

National Source Tagging Conference

Checkpoint Systems will be holding their 4th National Source Tagging Conference on May 9th, hosted by Dollar General at their Headquarters in Goodlettsville Tennessee located outside of Nashville.

Checkpoint brings together Leading Drugstores, Specialty Retailers and Manufacturers experts to educate the retail industry and push forward new standards for source tagging services. These events provide a forum for retailers and CPG manufacturers to work together on source tagging initiatives that reduce their labor costs and shrink, while protecting brands and improving their in-store shopper experience.   Year over year this push continues to drive momentum to improve on-shelf availability and consumer satisfaction by reducing merchandise loss.

An agenda for the event can be found here. In addition, interested parties may register for this year’s Source Tagging Conference here.

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