Remote Service & Support

On-Site Support...Remotely

Peace of Mind

Retailers all over the world install EAS to protect their merchandise. It is an essential component in the fight against shrink and Organized Retail Theft, and retailers want the peace of mind that those systems are discreetly yet efficiently working at all times.

Checkpoint’s EAS systems are built on the most advanced and robust technology in the market, but every system requires maintenance and service visits during its lifetime. Our aim is to make those occasions as seamless as possible through our class-leading Service program, which is available to our EVOLVE and Liberty/3G customers.

Industry Leading Service Support

While Checkpoint has a full deployment of mobile service technicians worldwide, the ability to connect rapidly to any store regardless of location using the latest mobile telecommunications networks and TCP/IP connectivity, allows important system reviews and adjustments to be carried out rapidly, and with minimal disruption to the store.

This seamless interaction with the installed hardware solution ensures that system downtime is minimized, and in the cases where remote adjustment cannot resolve an issue, our highly skilled team can diagnose the likely cause and dispatch technicians to the store to perform required manual adjustments.

Multiple Options. Numerous Benefits.

Checkpoint offers its customers a variety of options through its Service program, all of which are suitable for retailers’ differing needs – from reactive remote support to proactive remote support with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting. Whichever package you choose, you’ll be guaranteed to benefit from:

  • Real-time remote support without the need to install a telephone line
  • Faster response times and minimal store disruption
  • Reduced system downtime