RFID Heritage

Checkpoint acquired RFID pioneer and innovator OATSystems™ in 2008.  OATSystems was founded in 2001 by Sanjay Sarma and Prasad Putta, co-founders of the MIT Auto-ID Center. OATSystems’ innovations include the first production RFID retail deployment in North America, the first RFID-enabled End-to-End Value Chain Deployment, the first Enterprise-Wide Manufacturing Deployment, the first RFID-EAS Overhead Solution for Mall Stores & Luxury Formats, the first RFID Bulk Commissioning Solution, the first Chain-Wide Retail Deployment (1000+ Stores) and the first Retail RFID SaaS Solution.

Today, the OAT Foundation Suite™ is the most widely-deployed RFID middleware platform in the world.  Hundreds of retailers, manufacturers and service Providers rely on the OAT Foundation Suite to monitor, manage, and optimize processes for inventory management, omni-channel fulfillment, supply chain logistics, work-in-process tracking, tool tracking, materials management and many other mission-critical systems in real-time. Checkpoint’s Merchandise Visibility and Asset Tracking solutions are built on the OAT Foundation Suite platform.