Counterpoint iD (CPiD) RFID

Product availability and inventory accuracy are critical for retailers that want to create an effective omni-channel strategy. In order for retailers to gain full visibility of all transactions at the point of sale operations, Checkpoint offers an effective solution with the Counterpoint iD RFID.  This solution has a reader that connects the detacher and deactivation pad, and uses RFID technology to enable simultaneous loss prevention and merchandise visibility. Retailers can choose between two basic operating modes:

1. The first operating mode is for retailers that have deployed RFID without associating the tag and the item. In this scenario, the RFID-based EAS system functions similar to a traditional EAS solution. The tag is active when in the store and deactivated at the POS. It alarms when items leave the store without being deactivated at POS.

2. The second operating mode is for retailers that have deployed RFID with an association between the tag and the merchandise. This level of operation makes full use of the collected data, and the same tag is used to identify what was stolen (Intelligent EAS) and what was purchased. It connects with the inventory management system, providing full inventory visibility and accuracy as per the Checkpoint OneTag™ program.

  • RFID POS deactivation offers item level information management options
  • Links transaction at the POS for inventory management
  • Supports OneTag™ program for both inventory visibility and loss prevention
  • Flexible and seamless integration at the point of sale