OneTag™ Program

One Tag with Dual Benefits

The Checkpoint OneTag™ Program enables retailers to obtain the dual benefits of inventory visibility and loss prevention – with a single RFID tag, and without being locked into a single provider. Retailers can leverage the cost savings from purchasing separate EAS and RFID tags to accelerate the ROI for RFID deployments. Checkpoint offers both source tagging and in-store tagging options for the OneTag™ Program. Retailers can choose between two basic operating modes: Checkpoint’s combination AM / RFID or RF / RFID.

Benefits of the OneTag™ Program:

  • Reduced consumables cost and simplified sourcing, by using a single tag
  • Improved shelf replenishment in-store, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • Improved supply chain visibility, for protection against internal theft, vendor fraud, counterfeiting and diversion
  • Improved inventory accuracy and item location for omni-channel fulfillment
  • Reduction in buffer inventory and working capital