Whirl Tag

The Whirl™M5 RFID EPC Apparel Label is a key component of a complete RFID solution. It is optimized for use with Checkpoint’s Merchandise Visibility Inventory Control solutions and is compatible with Checkpoint’s Pedestal RFID-based EAS. Checkpoint’s RFID tags leverage open-standards technology to deliver benefits for both inventory accuracy and loss prevention with a single tag.

Checkpoint’s Whirl M5 RFID EPC Apparel Label combines a small antenna footprint with strong RFID performance for RFID apparel labeling applications such as inventory control and RFID-based EAS. Whirl utilizes the RFID air protocol ISO18000- 6C and can be encoded to carry EPC item level data, printed with bar code and human readable text or fully integrated (sandwiched) into other apparel trim items.

  • Smallest Far Field RFID label for apparel tracking applications
  • Optimized for global apparel tagging RFID performance
  • Worldwide reading performance balanced for all purpose apparel identification
  • Able to be placed in multiple trim locations