Nowadays in-store security device unlocking keys are universal and easily available

Anti-theft solutions and technology development have always gone hand in hand. In the past, high-value merchandise was kept in closed cabinets or empty boxes were displayed on the shelf with instructions to see a member of staff for assistance. There are many solutions on the market that allow open display by using product protection devices that require specialized detachers to open them. The challenge of maintaining a level of security in stores has not changed, however the methods for overcoming these devices by the more serious, determined shoplifter has.

Online shopping sites have become an open market for thieves, enabling them to purchase cheap magnets and unlocking devices, from anywhere in the world, with no questions asked. Combine that with online videos tutorials demonstrating which unlocking devices work and you have a serious problem. The internet has become an information highway for thieves.

According to various retailers across Europe more cases are being reported of products being stolen with the security devices found abandoned. Word of mouth on how to overcome these devices is spreading with help of social media and the internet.

If you are concerned about this threat or have already been targeted, you may want to considered the options below. As with most solutions, determining the suitability implementation in your store for your needs is imperative.

  1. Add or improve camera surveillance to control more what’s happening inside the store. This may mean moving the high-theft items to an area more visible by store staff, rather than their usual display areas.
  2. Install specialized antennas in your stores that detect magnets or foil lined bags upon entry. This Systems are very effective and alerting staff to a potential threat. Staff or security will need to be prepared to confront the potential thief and detain/remove the objects from them before they have a chance to steal.
  3. Change the existing security solutions in each store and retraining staff how to correctly implement the new devices. This solution requires additional time and investment and you still run the risk of the determined thief finding the correct detachers online and the benefit (and ROI) may disappear.

By focusing on retailers’ specific challenges, Checkpoint High Theft Solutions has developed an ‘intelligent’ solution, called S3vx, that provides:

  • The ability to program the anti-theft solutions with a unique code, different in every store, for high, long-lasting security.
  • Every encoded-detacher has only one code per store, and in case of a detacher being stolen, the code on memory is wiped.

S3vx solutions are available in Spider Wraps, Keepers and CableLoks. Retailers already using these solutions will only have to train staff on how to insert the code and program the S3vx Detachers, offering a quick convenient and effective solution, which can be integrated for use on selected high-theft items.

Contact us for a demonstration of S3vx and see how Checkpoint can help you take your merchandise security to the next level.

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