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RFID-Based Fresh Meat Solution to Lower Waste

February 23, 2016

The new RFID-based fresh meat solution will combat the multi-billion dollar loss per year of meat products and associated labor costs at food retailers because of expiration. U.S. retailers alone lose $8.8 billion each year due to meat spoilage. E.U. retailers lose EUR 14.8 billion each year for the same problem.

During a recent pilot, a national retailer found it was able to reduce fresh meat replenishment time, decrease staff time spent replenishing expired meat, reduce meat waste and increase sales.

In addition to these benefits, the fresh meat solution is expected to increase markdown compliance, improve the customer experience by improving food freshness and on-shelf availability, and be easily adopted by employees into their current daily routines.

Currently, most food retailers have no easy way to track fresh meat once it’s packaged. Our fresh meat solution will make all processes in the meat department streamlined with very quick and easy-to- use data.