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Checkpoint and Mojix Partner to Bring Hands-Free RFID Inventory Management to Retail

April 30, 2014

Partnership Targets Improved Store Operations and Omni-Channel Program Execution via Hands-Free RFID Solutions

Checkpoint and Mojix® Inc., the leading provider of wide-area, fixed infrastructure, passive-RFID solutions have entered into a global partnership to bring end-to-end solutions designed to improve store operations and omni-channel program execution to brick-and-mortar retailers.

The end-to-end solution incorporates the best-of-breed Merchandise Visibility Solution from Checkpoint, together with Mojix’s OmniSenseRFTM advanced inventory tracking system for retail. The combined solution delivers multiple proven business benefits to retailers for continuous, perpetual inventory, item tracking and location identification.

Checkpoint’s Merchandise Visibility Solution includes:
– Industry-leading OATSystems software
– RFID tags
– RFID-trained field engineers to deploy and support the implementation
– RFID-based EAS leveraging the OneTag™ approach and Wirama Radar™
– RFID-based point-of-sale solutions
– RFID compliance tools

Mojix’s OmniSenseRFTM advanced fixed infrastructure solution features a continuous inventory count engine and an item location engine leveraging Mojix’s experience and patented technology for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) using phased array antennas. OmniSenseRFTM continuous count engine provides continuous visibility of EPC Gen2 tagged goods throughout the store. The OmniSenseRFTM location engine offers omni-channel retailers increased visibility for pick and ship from store, to find misplaced items and monitor inventory movement throughout the store.

“We see an increase in the number of apparel retailers interested in the benefits of an always-on, hands-free RFID solution,” said Farrokh Abadi, president and chief operating officer Merchandise Availability Solutions for Checkpoint Systems. “Together with Mojix, Checkpoint is pleased to offer a powerful fixed infrastructure solution proven to significantly boost same store revenue.”

“We are delighted to partner with Checkpoint,” said Ramin Sadr, CEO and Founder of Mojix. “Mojix’s OmniSenseRFTM retail solution combined with Checkpoint’s Merchandise Visibility Solution enables unprecedented inventory visibility for both in-store and omni-channel operations, providing improved visibility and replenishment, which in turn reduces out-of-stocks, increases sales, and improves the customer’s experience.”

The partners have already successfully deployed the joint solution for an apparel retailer in North America, and have multiple discussions underway for additional implementations.