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Alpha Introduces Jewel Lok™: First Retail Security Solution That Attaches Directly to Jewelry – not Packaging – to Dramatically Reduce Shrink

December 6, 2011

Stud, Hoop and Loose Jewelry Solutions – Ideal for

Apparel and Accessory Retailers

Charlotte , North Carolina, USA , December 5th, 2011 — Alpha, a division of Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CKP), announces the introduction of Jewel Lok, the first effective retail security solution to dramatically reduce jewelry shrink by attaching directly to the merchandise, not the packaging.

According to industry researchers, moderately priced jewelry (20€ to 200€) ranks consistently in the top five shrink category for retailers, with losses between 15% and 50% not uncommon. However, jewelry is a critical component of many retailers’ merchandising strategies, where aesthetic display of their center core is paramount, even more than theft prevention. Until now, retailers’ only mechanism for combating the theft of openly displayed jewelry was applying an EAS tag to the back of a jewelry card, but thieves often found ways to separate the jewelry from its card.

Alpha’s Jewel Lok introduces a far more effective way to protect the merchandise. It includes solutions for attaching directly to stud, hoop and loose jewelry. Jewel Lok can be applied in-store or, by using Checkpoint’s@ Source program, it can be applied and subsequently recycled at point of manufacture. This high-theft solution does not affect aesthetic display and is virtually invisible to shoppers. It also provides a notable benefit-denial, whereby shoplifters attempting to remove Jewel Lok will surely damage the merchandise rendering it useless for resale. At point-of-sale, however, Jewel Lok is easily removed with Alpha S3™ HandKey or XT Detacher products.

“Based on customer feedback, we are confident Jewel Lok is a highly desirable jewelry protection solution,” said Larry Yeager, Alpha’s Vice President and General Manager. “Because of this, we will expand on the family of Jewel Lok solutions for other types of merchandise, like rings and watches, in the near future. If Jewel Lok can deliver back even half of the retailer’s current jewelry shrink numbers, imagine the impact it will have on their bottom line. With the right solution, not only will shrink be reduced but with the merchandise available on the shelf, and on open display, it will help retailers increase their potentially highest margin sales.”

During the last year, Jewel Lok has been successfully tested at different department stores, and is now available for immediate delivery.

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Locally, nationally, globally; ALPHA (a division of Checkpoint Systems) leads the way to the most innovative and technically advanced solutions engineered to protect retailers’ high-theft merchandise. For three decades and counting, every ALPHA product is designed with uncompromising security; ease-of-use; and the ability to deliver outstanding merchandising capabilities to help retailers reduce theft and increase sales. For more information on Jewel Lok or other ALPHA solutions to high-theft challenges, visit

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