From Source to Shopper

Category: Supply Chain & DC Efficiency

Checkpoint's Su Doyle highlights five retail supply chain trends that were reinforced repeatedly during the 2016 RILA Supply Chain Conference.... MORE

Choosing the correct RFID label for apparel is vital for ensuring retailers can track inventory and deliver a first class consumer experience. If you want to be a supply chain manager famous for creating a frictionless distribution process from source to shopper, then a handy checklist of what to look for in an RFID label can be a special power to help you achieve your goal.... MORE

Logistics and operations managers are like superheroes. They have great power and great responsibilities. They have to make supply chain choices that directly affect the bottom line. Among those many decisions are implementing RFID and choosing the right solution and particularly the right labels to ensure inventory visibility and omni-channel fulfilment, reduce shrinkage, and eventually ensure customer satisfaction.... MORE

Online retailers have raised the bar for convenience and fast delivery. And brick and mortar retailers are scrambling to keep up. To speed order fulfilment, they are shipping from stores closest to customers. To build on their strengths, they are focusing on the in-store customer experience. To bring more online shoppers into stores, they are providing Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPUS) options. They are rapidly investing in...... MORE