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To Lock or Not to Lock…

Posted on October 19, 2016 by with 0 comments.

All retailers adopting RFID should review, understand and make a conscious decision regarding a tag locking policy. Even if that policy is to not to have the encoded RFID labels they purchase or produce locked, they should be aware of the possible implications of someone tampering with their RFID labels.... MORE

Anti-theft solutions and technology development have always gone hand in hand. The challenge of maintaining a level of security in stores has not changed, however the methods for overcoming these devices by the more serious, determined shoplifter has.... MORE

Checkpoint's Flavio Musci covers the 5 steps retailers should take when considering a source tagging programme. By working with a reputable solution provider, a full vendor/retailer support service is provided leading to straight-forward and effective implementation.... MORE

There are many benefits of RFID for retailers, this post highlights the ways RFID can address merchandise data quality.... MORE