CCL Global Business Ethics

Letter from the Executive Chairman and President & CEO

Since 1951, CCL has enjoyed a solid reputation of ethical excellence.  As you all know, CCL’s ethical values are the foundation of CCL’s success.

They reflect our history and define our future.  They also demonstrate CCL’s commitment to high standards, honesty and integrity.

We should all be proud, that around the globe CCL is recognized as a trusted partner to our customers. This success is based on our employees’ knowledge and commitment to the business, knowing and respecting CCL’s ethical standards and preserving an environment that provides fair and equitable treatment.

To maintain and enhance the Company’s success, we all need to take an active role in ensuring that all employees follow the guiding principles in this book.  This Guide has been approved and adopted by CCL Industries’ Board of Directors.

This revised Ethics Guide should be used to its fullest.  It provides lots of information and examples to help make the right decision.  If you have any questions, resources have also been supplied to assist you.

Working together, we can ensure that CCL’s reputation remains strong.  Thank you for your continued adherence to CCL’s ethical standards.

CCL Global Business Ethics Guide


Donald G. Lang                              Geoffrey T. Martin
Executive Chairman                      President & CEO

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